Jill Herbert - Desert Poppy
Jill Herbert – Desert Poppy

Read about the evolution of “Desert Poppy” and the creator, designer and owner – Jill Herbert 

“Design and Creativity”…………The mantra that had been playing in my head from when I was a little girl.  “It’s part of my soul and it never leaves me”. 

After training in clothing design and manufacturing in her early twenties, Jill branched out to design a highly successful designer children’s clothing range whilst her children were young. Although the range was a success, the timing and changes in her life meant that this, unfortunately, could not be pursued further. Having to care for her children including her daughter Eliza Poppy, who was born with an intellectual disability, took all her time and energy, but the passion always remained within her.

Her dreams were put on hold…………….luckily karma would come into play and make way for her desire to be fulfilled and for her dreams to be realised.

In October 2012 after many years in an educational working environment, her creative passions could no longer be tamed and “Desert Poppy” was born.

Jill foresaw a niche in the women’s market place for an elegant upmarket range of Resort, Cruise and Lifestyle Wear that would suit and flatter all women, no matter their age or size. A range that would stand out from the crowd and become known for its statement fabrics.

Her belief is that simple, elegant, timeless styles can be transformed into WOW factor garments, if the correct fabrics are chosen for each style.

From humble beginnings within the Canberra market scene, a city not renowned for “Resort Wear”, Desert Poppy has been embraced with open arms by women who enjoy style, comfort, the ability to find “something that fits” and who enjoy stunning fabrics and garments that epitomise elegance and style and all at an affordable price for all women, of all shapes and sizes to enjoy.

Driven by a passion for standout prints, colour, texture and with a keen eye for design, Jill uses exclusive bold statement prints and intricate nets, laces and sheers for her designs, which are sourced from around the globe and handpicked by her for each garment. The fabrics she uses have become key signatures to the Desert Poppy collections, inspired by leisure, holidays and the beach with elegance a must, she creates garments with a standout style and fashion appeal.

Jill produces exclusive garments through her fabrics and designs and will continue to produce only a small range of each garment ensuring exclusivity for the buyer. Her on-line shop will be forever evolving with new designs, fabrics and very limited edition ranges. We design garments which are loose, flowing and boho in quality fabrics which are fashionable and stylish and will compliment all women no matter what your size or shape. We have a “one size” philosophy which works due to our cleverly designed ranges. You can find more detailed descriptions and sizing measurements and recommendations against each of the products in the store.

Proudly, Jill can ensure you are purchasing a garment that is not simply imported from a manufacturer who mass produces and then wholesales to shops.

Desert Poppy creations are so much more than copies and the products are all distinctively individual. Jill’s passion and endless hard work and dedication to her label can be seen in all her Desert Poppy garments.

You can be assured that Jill’s Desert Poppy Range of clothing IS wholly created by her.   From the initial sketches for her designs, to pattern making, then to the sampling of each style until it is exactly how she envisages it, to travelling the globe to source, touch, feel and handpick her fabrics and then to have them lovingly tailored by her own very small team into her exclusive ranges.

In addition, to accommodate her customers’ desires, Jill also collaborates with designers from overseas to create embellished style kaftans, these are an added line she incorporates into her own Desert Poppy collections.

Desert Poppy is your one stop shop for original Resort & Cruise and Lifestyle Wear right here in Australia. Desert Poppy is available to you now in her online shop.

Your desires will be fulfilled!………………..search no longer!

Fall in love and enjoy!!

Jill xx